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In today’s technology-driven world, campaigning has taken on a new form. Thanks to the internet, social media, email, apps and more – campaigns today run on more than phone calls and face-to-face visits: They run on technology, and that's where Campaign Kit comes in. Trust Campaign Kit to know campaigns, technology and how to merge the two into a reliable, integrated package that gives you everything you need to connect, raise and WIN through our FREE Power Tools!

How We Do It

Campaign Kit is the technology integration you’ve been looking for to run your campaign. Forget about hiring an IT guy (especially when you are just booting up your campaign and don’t have the funds)…forget about signing up for costly monthly fees or contracts…simply sign up for Campaign Kit and we’ll get you set up fast and free (even if you aren’t a tech expert)! Our model is simple…we’ve integrated with some of the best industry tools, built it into the Campaign Kit platform and tools, and streamlined it all specifically for the purpose of running a political campaign. And we ditched monthly fees and contracts so users can use it a little, a lot, for a month, or for years – whatever works best for your campaign!

The only time you pay anything to Campaign Kit is to process an online donation, because after all, processing secure transactions costs us money. It is a flat fee of 10% - and it is only for donations received online through Campaign Kit and only when you are actively raising money for your campaign. Everything else is on us – from hosting your website to using our dashboard and tools to providing the integration to all your important communication channels and more! You don’t get bits and pieces with Campaign Kit, you get it all.

Simply put, we take the headache and hassle out of one of your most important voter outreach efforts – being online and using social media tools all while presenting a professional, organized campaign.

Your Total Integration Toolkit That’s Free, Reliable And Easy To Use

Get Started In Just A Few Simple Clicks

Built-in websites designed specifically for effective voter outreach give your campaign a professional online presence.

Online donations allow convenient giving anytime, anywhere. Set a fundraising goal then track your progress with Power Tools.

Power Tools allow you to share your news and campaign updates through email and social media in one convenient location.

Keep your campaign trail hot! Add upcoming events to your website and invite voters to meet you at upcoming stops

Trust in Campaign Kit's reliable, easy-to-use tools designed specifically to campaigns, so you can focus on a winning election.

A Vision For Campaign Kit


The vision for Campaign Kit began in 2011 when Curtis Watkins filed to run for public office in Charlotte, NC. As a first-time political candidate with a background in technology, Curtis knew it was key to have a multifaceted online presence in today’s market. But he didn’t know what tools to use or where to begin. So, just like you, he turned to the web, looking for a complete integrated kit to execute his campaign plan. Unfortunately all he found were bits and pieces...

The Cost of Putting Together Pieces

Curtis, like most candidates who run for local office, had a small staff and limited campaign funds. So he worked with what he had, largely managing the tools to execute his campaign plan all by himself. But dividing his time cost him. Without integrated tools that worked for him, Curtis wasn’t able to fully focus on being the face of his political campaign.

Leveling The Playing Field

Curtis decided his campaign wasn’t ending on election day. He set out to level the playing field by changing the way political campaigns at every level could be done online. He formed a team comprising people from across the political spectrum who’ve been intimately involved in various aspects of running a campaign and paired them with a team of technology experts to build an online toolkit that would work for all of us, including you. Today that idea is known as Campaign Kit: A revolutionary package that integrates all the tools you need to run a successful political campaign in the digital age.


Jumpstarting your political campaign begins right here! Just a few simple steps and you’ll have access to all the tools you need to execute your campaign plan with ease!

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